Wladimir Weltman


About me, my market, and what I love most about my work.
My main market is Brazil, the largest country in South America and probably its most important audiovisual market too. I write and post my stories in more than one outlet but I can mention the online magazine CHUMBO GORDO publishes some of the best and most respected writers and chroniclers in Brazil. I also make bi-monthly appearances on the Mañana Latina show at Vision Latina TV station in Los Angeles, commenting on movie releases and Hollywood events. I have my own blog and my Youtube Channel. In addition, I developed a career as a screenwriter having written and produced television shows for companies such as E! Entertainment Television, Globo TV Network, Cultura TV, Cinécinemas (Canal+) etc. And I have TV series and film projects in production through F.J. Productions in LA.

This is my passion project, or passion in general.
I have just finished writing my memoirs, which includes precious information about more than 40 years of Brazilian radio, TV and cinema history.

What it means to me to be part of CCA.
I have been a CCA member for two years and it is a true honor to be associated with this group of professionals that I respect and admire, as well as dedicating myself to this art form that I truly love, cinema.

My favorite Film/ TV series that inspires/empowers me as a woman & why.
Although I’m not a woman, I believe I’m a man who gets along very well with the feminine side of his soul. I particularly love Katherine Hepburn movies (especially the ones she starred in with Spencer Tracy). Another Hepburn I love is Audrey.

My favorite Film/TV series that I am currently watching and why.
There are so many movies and series. It’s not fair to mention one or the other. But I can say I’ve been watching Luther, 1923, The Strangers, Only Murders In The Building and the films Elvis, The Fabelmans, Argentina 1985, Babylon and RRR.

My social media and where you can find my work.
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