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From CEO Joey Berlin as approved by the CCA Board of Directors

As mandated by the Critics Choice Association bylaws, it is time for our Branch Presidents election.  While day-to-day responsibilities are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President, broadly overseen by the Board of Directors, each CCA branch is led by a president.  The Board has additionally approved the addition of a co-president for each branch, to broaden the perspective of our leadership team and bring new opportunities to more members to be involved in the operations of the organization.

As Chief Executive Officer it has been my pleasure to work closely with the incumbent branch presidents – Film branch president Pete Hammond, TV branch president Ed Martin, Super Awards branch president Sean O’Connell, Documentary branch president Christopher Campbell, and International branch co-presidents Claude Budin-Juteau and Ron Jacobsohn.  I believe that their commitment to the CCA, their wisdom and experience remain valuable to all of us and all have signaled their desire to continue as branch presidents.  Now that the Board is asking that each branch have co-presidents, the Board is extending the terms of the incumbents each for one additional year (except for the new International branch, see below), and we are opening up this process and asking for other members to run as well for new two-year co-president terms.  Separate elections will be held within each branch and the top vote getter in each branch will be elected to a two-year term beginning July 1, 2022. 

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring, simply email [email protected] to indicate which branch you seek to help lead, or to ask any questions you may have about the positions or the process.

The co-president jobs are different for each branch.  Below please find brief descriptions of the jobs that have been performed by current presidents in the current term.  For the TV, Super Awards, and Documentary branches, the most important responsibility has been overseeing the Nominating Committees (NomComs).  For the International branch, the main thrust has been enlisting members in this new branch and serving as chairs on the NomCom for Best Foreign Language Series at the Critics Choice Awards.

The nominating process for the branch leadership elections will close on June 3, 2022.  A memo will be circulated after that date in preparation for an election later in June.    

Branch co-presidents are unpaid voluntary positions, although there may be compensation stemming from work that is done on Critics Choice Awards shows or events, depending on the workload.  Branch co-presidents serve two-year terms, beginning on July 1. 

Here are descriptions of the jobs, provided by the incumbents:

TV – Ed Martin

“The responsibilities of the TV Branch president include choosing NomCom leads and members for the Critics Choice Awards, the Real TV Awards and the Super Awards; organizing and overseeing the committees (and also participating in them) during the nomination process for each one; maintaining updated knowledge about all series and specials on broadcast networks, cable networks, PBS and streaming platforms; communicating with the publicity leads and teams at all of the above; keeping in touch with as many TV Branch members as possible throughout the year and, also when possible, keeping up with their reviews, columns and/or social media messaging.

Also, consulting on an ongoing basis with CEO Joey Berlin about the TV award shows, the Documentary Awards and other CCA matters and reviewing with the Membership Director applications for TV Branch membership from potential new members.”

SUPER – Sean O’Connell

“The Branch President of the Super Awards primarily is responsible for organizing the Nominating Committees in the film and television branches of the CCA to determine the nominees in all relevant CCSA categories. This is done by recruiting member volunteers to serve as NomCom Chairs, then working closely with those Chairs to clarify any questions and concerns members may have with a film or television program’s eligibility for the Super Awards. The Branch President also coordinates efforts with CCA’s Marketing and Promotion teams to help promote the show at crucial intervals. And as the show continues to grow and seek a suitable home, the Branch President often attends brainstorming sessions with relevant partners at key industry organizations, always in an effort to increase the profile and popularity of the Super Awards.”

DOCUMENTARY – Christopher Campbell

“On behalf of the Critics Choice Association, the president of the documentary branch leads more than 200 members in the celebration of nonfiction film and television. This includes the management of select Nominating Committees and serving as a liaison between the branch members and the CCA Board of Directors in this process. The CCA documentary branch president also works with the head of the television branch on the nominations for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards. 

As President of the Critics Choice Association Documentary Branch for the last two years, I have overseen the further growth and promotion of the Critics Choice Documentary Awards, continuing in the service that I began with the founding of the CCDAs prior to the first event in 2016. Consulting with both the CCA Board of Directors and members of the documentary branch, as well as figures in the documentary community, I worked on the introduction and discontinuation of CCDA award categories, such as the debut of the renamed Pennebaker Award, as I maintained the evolution of the event to suit the times and the artists. Additionally, I have advocated for an inclusive and open space within the CCDA nominating committees in order to properly consider and recognize a diverse and balanced set of nominees year to year.”

FILM – Pete Hammond

Pete was not asked to provide a job description.  As the film categories at the Critics Choice Awards do not involve Nominating Committees, the branch president’s role is a simple one, providing expertise and insight when questions arise related to our film awards.

INTERNATIONAL – Claude Budin-Juteau and Ron Jacobsohn

Claude and Ron were not asked to provide a job description.  The International Branch has only recently been formed and the branch presidents have so far been involved in inviting International critics and journalists to apply for CCA membership and organizing zoom calls among the new branch members to discuss the new branch’s role moving forward.

For the International branch, Claude and Ron will both be running for co-president, and any other branch members are welcome to run as well.  The International branch candidate receiving the most votes will serve a two-year term and the one receiving the second most votes will serve a one-year term, to be consistent with the terms of the other branch co-presidents.

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