Results of the CCA Board of Directors election

June 23, 2021 in DOCS, International, MOVIES, TV

To the Critics Choice Association membership,

With a very high turnout of 348 members voting, the results of last week’s Critics Choice Association (CCA) Board of Directors election to fill the nine seats on the new Board that begins serving a two-year term on July 1 are in.  You have chosen to add four new Board members – Paulette Cohn, Jacqueline Coley, Clayton Davis and Grae Drake – representing unprecedented and sweeping change in CCA leadership, while reelecting five incumbent Board members – Shawn Edwards, Jim Ferguson, Sean O’Connell, Mark Ramsey and Sam Rubin.  This healthy mix of new and old radically changes the demographic makeup of the Board, going from one to three women and from one to three BIPOC members, and making it younger.

Eleven other members unsuccessfully sought seats on the Board.  All were eminently qualified and would have also brought important strengths and ideas to the Board.  I have had good positive conversations with all of them in the past few days and they have generously shared many excellent ideas in those conversations and in the election campaign to improve our organization.  These ideas will be taken up at the first meeting of the new Board and we should all be grateful to these members for their contributions to the CCA.

This election was conducted using Google Forms so that votes would be automatically tabulated without any human element involved.  When the polls closed on Thursday webmaster Lisa Waters forwarded a screenshot of the results to me.  I then shared those results with the current Board, which formally certified them.  (Any member wishing to see the screenshot can reach out to Lisa at [email protected].)  In the interest of full transparency here are the results:

1. SHAWN EDWARDS (229 votes)

2. JACQUELINE COLEY (184 votes)

3. CLAYTON DAVIS (181 votes)

4. JIM FERGUSON (179 votes)

5. SEAN O’CONNELL (173 votes)

6. SAM RUBIN (173 votes)

7. GRAE DRAKE (172 votes)

8. MARK RAMSEY (171 votes)

9. PAULETTE COHN (149 votes)

10. JENNIFER MERIN (141 votes)

11. TERI HART (139 votes)

12. ED MARTIN (132 votes)

13. LISA JOHNSON MANDELL (129 votes)

14. CARLA RENATA (116 votes)

15. HILLARY ATKIN (103 votes)

16. MARIA ESTEVEZ (91 votes)

17. KATHIA WOODS (90 votes)

18. DAN GUTIERREZ (85 votes)

19. MOSE PERSICO (58 votes)

20. SAMMI TURANO (33 votes)

In keeping with our bylaws, the top nine vote getters will now serve two-year terms on the Board, starting on July 1.  Thanks to everyone for participating in this election.

Onward and upward!
Joey Berlin
CEOCritics Choice Association
9220 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 220
Los Angeles, California 90069
(310) 860-2665 (p)

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