Please vote to officially approve amended bylaws

May 16, 2021 in DOCS, International, MOVIES, TV

The Board of Directors has unanimously approved the following amended bylaws. (Click here to download a PDF.)  At this time the membership is also asked to officially approve the amended bylaws, as mandated in our original bylaws.  There are no major changes in the amended bylaws; they simply update our Association’s rules to reflect its evolution over the past years, such as the creation of new Critics Choice events, membership branches, and Board expansion.

Please respect the confidentiality of this process and do not share anything in this email with anyone outside of the Critics Choice Association.  Thank you.

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  1. Reading the updated bylaws, I was curious if they included the qualifications and requirements between the film and television memberships. Many CCA members (especially during the pandemic shutdown) with the pause of theatrical releases, have turned to reviewing and conducting interviews for cable, broadcast television and streaming services.

    What is the definition of television in the eyes of CCA and the requirements for dual membership?

    Is Hulu, Disney +, Peacock, etc, considered television? If so, what are the definitive requirements for membership and if a member meets those requirements, how is television membership granted? Are a handful of previous members grandfathered in and CCA is no longer granting dual memberships?

    I know this is on the minds of many CCA members.

  2. I include streaming offerings in my radio reviews.

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