What should we be watching?

March 17, 2020 in DOCS, International, MOVIES, News, TV

With so many of us stuck at home, watching television and streaming video is playing an ever more important role in our lives.  And millions of people are wondering, what should I be watching?

No one is better suited to answer that question than the members of the Critics Choice Association.  So let’s pool our wisdom and offer some guidance to a world that is reeling right now.

What are the best shows on television now?  

What about on streaming services?  

What about movies – and where can I find them right now?  

What classics (movies or TV) would you recommend finally catching up on or revisiting?

10 responses to What should we be watching?

  1. If you haven’t had a chance to check out FX/Hulu’s ‘Devs,’ it’s worth spending time delving into.

  2. I have a “summer viewing list” of must-sees. I will find the link and post it.

  3. I’ve really been enjoying ePIX’s ‘Slow Burn’ doc series on Watergate…

  4. There are a lot of screening links I’ve been offered and that’s kept me busy. Granted, these aren’t the biggest and best releases but it’s something new. Also, I’ve been searching the dark corners of Netflix and Shudder for things I might have missed. Speaking of Shudder, if you like horror movies, they’re offering a free 30 day trial with the code “SHUTIN” right now. Thank you to Joey for trying to keep us top of mind with the studios right now, but it seems we’ll have very few choices coming up…just when we need new selections the most!

  5. I have been catching up with the “oldies.” I imagine because I am thinking about days gone by and how Hollywood has evolved to where we are in 2020. I am watching Classics on TCM, and Tonight, reveling in films featuring Joe E Brown, who practically stole the show as Osgood Fielding in “Some Like It Hot.” In 1942, he starred in a film, “Shut My Big Mouth,” where he plays a mild mannered horticulturist from the east coast who suddenly becomes the Sheriff in an Old Western Town. He then spends much of the film in “drag,” to fight the outlaws. He is brilliant and hopefully taught a thing or two to Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

  6. Amazon – Hunters
    Netflix – I’m Not Okay with This, Altered Carbon
    Hulu – Devs
    Apple – Defending Jacob

  7. I’ve mainly been into escapist fare during this somewhat apocalyptic time. What’s really been a salve is Curb Your Enthusiasm. The recent episode with Jon Hamm as a guest star was literally so laugh out loud funny that I watched it again a couple nights later just to cheer myself up – and it worked. Then I realized I hadn’t really seen the recent seasons so I’m almost wrapped with the previous one that began in 2017 and going to watch it backwards to 2000, just for grins.
    I started Devs but didn’t find it compelling enough to continue and frankly a bit dark for this moment in time. (Speaking for me personally, not the audience.) Homeland has succumbed to epic levels of dark and after being caught up on the current and final season may have to postpone viewing the rest of it.
    Little Fires Everywhere is somewhat interesting although Reese Witherspoon plays the same (kind of adorable) character that she always does, Kerry Washington performs a role in a way we’ve never seen her.
    The last movie I saw was Bloodshot at probably the last media screening. I’m hoping leadership can work with the studios and streamers on getting us easy access to films. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2020-03-20/vod-invisible-man-hunt-emma-watch-at-home

  8. What are the best shows on television now? — SEAL Team is excellent, and of course This is Us remains great. As for new shows, I wish more people were talking about how good All Rise is. Schitt’s Creek, Superstore. What We Do in the Shadows. Better Call Saul. Let’s also not forget that One Day at a Time is coming back.

    What about on streaming services? – Ozark! Bojack Horseman! You! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on Hulu. Also Shrill and Fleabag!

    Shows to revisit (or finally watch): Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Parenthood, Bones, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Americans

  9. On the TV front, I’m loving “All Rise,” 50 Cent’s legal/prison drama “For Life” and “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med” never, ever disappoint!!!

  10. These are challenging times as we try and navigate our movie watching and TV streaming. There are so many choices and not enough clear guidance from publicists. On the bright side, I’ve been exposed to films I probably would have skipped. “In the Rain” is a fantastic, organic eye-opener into suffering from a Bi-Polar disorder, Aaron Fisher wrote, stars and directs. It looks like I’ll pay more attention to the weekly voting movies posted here. Stay-Safe, Sarah

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