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Thank you for voting!


  1. I felt like those actors that stay up to see the Oscar nominations, merely to tell everyone they were asleep and got a bunch of texts and didn’t know why. I waited until midnight, so I could vote.
    Even though I think this is the year of the “overrated” movie…there was a lot of stuff I loved.
    Looking forward to Sunday night!

  2. Let’s all have a terrific show on Sunday!
    Congratulations to Joey and his entire Board of Directors Team and his production staff!
    See you all soon!

  3. What a great time!

  4. My votes are IN, but I’m truly sad I can’t be at the awards on Sunday, as last year was super fun! Can’t wait to see if my fellow critics agreed with my selections of who was the BEST IN CINEMA this year!.

  5. Really proud of our nominations and can’t wait to see the show! Sorry not to be there in person this year but sending my best to everyone and hope to see you in 2021.

  6. Lest it be overlooked, we should remind anyone interested in the awards race that we do not divide the acting categories into two lanes as does the HFPA for the Globes. That allows them to double their chances of one of their 2 choices to be claimed as a predictor of the Oscars. We, like other award organizations, have only one winner in each acting category & still have an excellent track record.

  7. Hope those who attend have a marvelous time. Alas, I won’t be there as I have a very sick, nearly 17-year-old kitty and can’t be away that long.

  8. Amazing Year and Such a Joy to be a part of this Association. This is my 19th year and the honor becomes greater with every year.

  9. Final ballot completed! See everyone on Sunday night! KUDOS to the CCA board and everyone’s hard work.



  11. Here’s hoping that our choices get some people to see some deserving films that they might not have considered seeing.

  12. So proud to be a member of this prestigious organization and truly sorry I cannot be there with you. Have a wonderful evening!

  13. MY VOTES ARE IN!!!
    Can’t wait for Sunday!!

  14. Done! Cannot wait to see everyone!

  15. Tough choices this year – so many great performances! Looking forward to the show on Sunday – it’s going to be fantastic!!
    Here’s to another great year!!

  16. What a great group of nominees! Here’s to yet another great Critics Choice Awards show!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

  17. Such tough choices this year! Should be a fantastic show.

  18. While it’s always a pleasure to show my appreciation for excellence in Film in person, the older I get, the more I look forward to re-connecting with my fellow critics than the actors and Hollywood types!

  19. Steve just made me tear up a little!

  20. This is one of the best slates of contenders in recent years. Our show is shaping up to be spectacular and I hope to see many of you Sunday at Barker.

  21. My votes are in! I always look forward to our awards show, we can me proud of our nominations. See you Sunday!

  22. That DIRECTOR category was impossible…..

  23. To Joey and the Board…we’ve come a long way, baby!

    A long way from our first awards shows, that were actually glorified afternoon luncheons. Even then, they were the coolest ticket in town.

    Take a bow, you guys are doing a great job.
    Proud to be a charter member.

  24. Totally agree with many of the positive comments especially Seanoconnel. That director category was truly impossible.
    Have a great show. cannot make it. Sadness because I love the interview possibilities on red carpet and seeing everyone. Interviewing Joey Berlin for my podcast.

  25. Please don’t forget about BREAKTHROUGH SONG
    And How to Train Your Dragon-Best Animated!

  26. My favorite song of these was Diane Warren’s song fro m Breakthroverallugh. I really loved Elton’s song from the Lion King but it wasn’t included. It was a very good year overall

  27. It’s an honor to be nominated and tough to lose, especially for a kid….

  28. My votes are IN, thanks to the CCA for another great year. I hope to be at the awards in 2021!

  29. Truly honored to be a member of this organization and vote for the first time–especially in such a strong year. Wish I could meet you all on Sunday but hopefully next year!

  30. Thanks to all that replied, and your positives
    Jim Ferguson Member
    Board of Directors

  31. Thank you to the CCA board for all you do. I’m honored to be a part of this incredible group.

  32. Votes are in! Congrats to everyone and Happy New Year!

  33. My votes are locked. Excited to see y’all on Sunday!

  34. My votes are locked in! A truly stunning year at the movies leading to some back and forth debates in certain categories. Bummed I can’t make the ceremony this year, but lucky to be a part of it all.

  35. Thank you for making the voting process so easy and thanks for giving the membership an opportunity to comment.
    It was a real privilege to be able to watch dozens of the best movies of 2019. While it was occasionally daunting to stay ahead of the UPS driver (Mike) and one was tempted to complain about having to watch 2 or 3 movies a day, a friend reminded me…”There’s no whining on the yacht”.

  36. What an amazing abundance of great choices this year. I feel like I’m making a cinematic “Sophie’s Choice” – having to chose one winner out of SO MANY favorite films in the same categories. Cannot wait to make a return to our always amazing show in LA this year – and spend time w/ great friends and colleagues within the greatest film critics group in the entire world.

  37. What a great year. I loved the variety, in both the screenplays and the actors. Bravo, 2019!

  38. Can’t wait and I loved a lot of the movies 🙂

  39. What a great year for films, and what tough choices for critics at awards time. My votes are in and I can’t wait to know the results. Safe travels, all, and see you on Sunday for a splendid show. Thanks to all for all you do to make it happen.

  40. So very thankful to be a part of this organization for nearly 25 years. Meeting fellow critics, embracing the dialogue, and learning more from so many of you each day about the art of entertainment journalism continues to impact my love and appreciation for what we do. Thank you for taking the time for a rural film lover from the back roads of North Carolina. – Noel T.

  41. Looking forward to Sunday’s incredible show!!!

  42. Just cast my first ever ballot and feel so honored. Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!

  43. Voted and eager to find out who wins! Sorry to miss the ceremony; hoping to attend my first show in person soon!

  44. Proud to be a member of the BFCA/CCA!
    Hope everybody has a great gala!
    Peter Howell,
    Toronto Star.

  45. Honored to be a member of this group and very happy to attend for the first time this wonderful event on Sunday.

  46. Enjoy Sunday and look good! The world will be watching. Good luck and congrats to all.

  47. Are we lucky or what? Thanks to Joey, our Board and all of the CCA staff for the incredible work they put in. See you at our show!

  48. Done! That was tough. I was sincerely torn in several categories. I love being a part of this organization! A great year! Looking forward to an amazing show Sunday!

  49. Congratulations Joey, John, Sara and the entire CCA board! What a remarkable journey it’s been! From a dirty dozen eating stale sandwiches in a hotel boardroom, to the unforgettable growth at the Beverly Hills Hotel luncheon, to where we are now: the barometer by which real movie award shows should be measured.
    An amazing year for films with nearly impossible multiple movie ties to settle, and an equally amazing quarter century mark for our endeavor.
    So proud to be a part of this for most of my life and as much as I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on stage- I’m really most excited to look around the tables at my friends that I’ve grown up with. Love you all and see you SUNDAY!

  50. Great nominees. I found voting for just one painful! So much incredible work this past year on screen. Also last year was the first time I got to meet fellow CCA members outside of Toronto which was a wonderful thing. Thank you to the organizers and especially to the uber patient Sara Voorhees! Wish I could be there tomorrow! I can hardly wait to see who the winners are.

  51. A wonderful night, as usual.
    My only complain was…our table never got dinner! We heard about these burritos, but never saw any. What’s the deal? If I would’ve known that we wouldn’t get any, I would’ve eaten more sliders at the reception before hand. Two other women at our table were also a bit upset about it, and keep asking people “When is food being brought out to us?”

  52. I have heard a few people complain in the past (though not yesterday) about the food, as for me, when I hear “plant-based” I take that as code for “eat before you get here.” I don’t think there will ever be a meal that will please everyone and some of the biggest stars don’t eat at all, anyway. That said, yesterday was the best of my 11 CCAs. Joey and company outdid themselves making me that much prouder to be associated with the group. The weather was awesome and we were in a room with the biggest names in the world, life is truly wonderful. #AMIRIGHT

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