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December 3, 2019 in DOCS, MOVIES, News, TV DRAMA, TV REALITY

Having maintained the $100 annual membership fee for many years, we have decided to raise dues to $150.  We believe this is a very reasonable fee, in light of the tremendous value in being a Critics Choice Association member, in terms of the importance placed on being a Critics Choice Association (CCA) member and voter by the industry in so many ways, the always free invitations to our several Critics’ Choice Awards events, the service provided to members, etc.  One confirmation of the satisfaction of the membership with current arrangements is the continual growth of the membership, which began at 44 members 25 years ago and has grown now to more than 400.

However, that growth has created a problem.  Despite the fact that we hold the Critics’ Choice Awards gala in the biggest venue we can find – an empty airplane hangar – the don’t have enough room to squeeze in everyone we want to be at the show AND the army of production and catering staff needed to make the show great on TV and in the room.  Last year, 306 members and guests attended, free of charge of course.  Victims of our own success, we also have growing demand from studios and networks for tables at the show.  Layer on top the requests from the streaming companies, which we anticipate will boom this year, and something has to give.

We are doing two things to try and offset some of the demand for seats this year.  One is to raise some table prices and the individual ticket prices sold on a limited basis.  The other is to try and encourage some members to not bring a guest to the show.  Our thinking is some members may have a great time at the show just in the company of their CCA peers and their friends in the industry.  We expect a majority of attending members to bring a guest as usual, but if ten or twenty come without guests it would be a significant help.  So many members regularly ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  This is a way.

In no sense are at-home members paying for the tickets of attending members.  Members are paying dues to help fund CCA activities, as they always have.  We have always invited all members to attend the Critics’ Choice Awards gala and we hope we can continue to do so forever.  But to encourage members to consider flying solo this year, we think this is a reasonable trade-off.  A majority of members will not be attending the show, as usual, so to waive dues for all of them would be a significant financial hardship for our organization.  There have never been any repercussions for non-payment of dues (beyond not being eligible to attend the Critics’ Choice Awards gala) and there won’t be this year, either.  And we have always waived dues payment for any member who reports that it would be a financial hardship.  But we hope and expect that virtually all members will agree that an annual dues payment of $150 – and this effort to limit guests – is quite reasonable.

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  1. This makes complete sense and have no problem paying the dues! Thank you!

  2. The best $150 I’ll spend all year…

  3. Still a bargain. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Where do I send my dues? Jeffrey Lyons
    [email protected]

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