OFFICIAL BALLOT: Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards

November 5, 2019 in DOCS


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  1. Excellent choices this year and plenty of the

  2. What an amazing year for docs, so happy to be able to engage in all of these. – NTMII

  3. I liked the choices. I was a bit disappointed that “Echo in the Canyon” didn’t get a nod for best music documentary. It blows away the Rondstandt and Crosby ones.


  5. Wow, some of these actually pulled me in so many different directions! Great picks this year.

  6. It was painful choosing one in some of these categories. What a great year for documentaries.

  7. Really loved these choices. Can’t wait to learn the results!

  8. That was hard, what an amazing year for docs. I voted for three different docs in the first three categories and they were all incredibly difficult choices.

  9. What an adventure!
    People, places, stories. Each grabbed at the viewer.
    Surely this was one of the outstanding years for documentaries. Impressed and blessed!

  10. Great selection this year – as always.

  11. Great choices! Looking forward to new docs at Sundance 2020!

  12. I personally thought HESBURGH was strong, and was surprised it did not make any of the final categories.

  13. This was a great year for documentaries.

  14. An embarrassment of riches.

  15. There was nothing like “They Shall Not Grow Old”!

  16. What a fantastic selection this year. Very hard to decide on some of these!

  17. Great choices, but I am still suprise not seeing 5B on any item list at all.

  18. Was fun to be part of the nom committee. See you-all on Sunday.

  19. How fabulous to be a part of this process…

  20. We’re in a golden age of docs and this years was tough! So many superb pieces of work covering things I have never spared a thought about and engaging me in ways I never imagined. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of this. EXTREMELY delighted to see Hail Satan? get some love.

  21. Wow! That was tough. Great year in a diverse array of docs!

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