We did it again! Maybe even better than ever.

January 15, 2019 in President's Message

The 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards was a rousing success.  Everyone seemed to have such a good time – honorees, industry big shots and BFCA/BTJA members and guests – and the television ratings were the best we’ve enjoyed in many years.  Other awards shows may be seeing their audiences shrinking, but our audience is growing!

There are far too many people to thank here individually (see the Welcome Message in the program booklet for many deserving thank yous), but our wise voting and the tireless promotional efforts of so many members seems to have paid off.  And thank you to all the members who had those seats in the back and still had a great night, understanding that studios, networks, platforms and sponsors must get the best seats.  We are the hosts and we are gracious ones.

The show was so successful this year that the very next day The CW picked up its option to be our broadcast partner again next year, when we will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary.  In the meantime, planning is underway for the inaugural Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards in Beverly Hills on June 2.

As we like to say, Onward and Upward!

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  1. I think this year we introduced a lot into the overall awards race. First, we differed from the Globes Boheman Rhapsody dominance: ironically, our ties have set up cage fights in 2 categories (if you’ll forgive the martial imagery ehen the winners so admirably were gracious); and we not only moved Roma into leadership post, but we also established Netflix as the new big dog in town. Finally, we spread the wealth around enough that several constituencies should feel emboldened for the future.

  2. Other than me thinking ROMA was overrated (sorry Patrick), I thought it was amazing. Just amazing. I love that Taye Diggs was funny with the crowd. That stuff works wonderfully. Also, that Joey’s Burgers thing was hysterical. What a great, topical play on the FIJI water bottle girl.

    And, I’d like to offer some advice to the other critics. Sometimes when the celebs are walking around before the show starts, say something nice to them, instead of just bum rushing them for selfies. For example, my wife and I had a conversation with Noah Emmerich (The Americans). I was telling him how it’s funny that he always had a six pack of beer in his hand in The Truman Show, and now he does in The Americans. He laughed so hard, saying “I told the show that, and they said nobody would notice that, because the movie was so long ago.”
    At another point, Amy Adams walked by my wife and I. Instead of asking for a photo, my wife said “Now this outfit looks a lot prettier than the stuff Lynne wore (a ref. to Lynne Cheney). Again, we got laughter.
    If these stars start thinking of the critics as people they can talk to about stuff…and relax and chill out…instead of just people that want to bug them for photos…it will serve us well.
    Now, don’t get me wrong. I did take a photo with Willem Dafoe. But…we should try to chill out on that a bit.

    Again, amazing time. Thanks to everyone who put this event together.

  3. Another thing regarding voting. I saw one post from someone that was mad with the movie selection the group had as a whole. I wasn’t super thrilled with it either, but…what might help is…if we have an email exchange, and “think lists” a few weeks before voting. So, if there’s a movie a critic really loved, that they think others may not have scene (for example, that movie for me this year was “Thoroughbreds”), we could let others know to see it. Or, we can discuss things like “Look…if we’re going to vote Roma the winner for Best Foreign, do we REALLY want to name it best picture also?”
    I also thought the ties were awesome. It spreads the love. The winners like it, the fans like it. It’s a win-win. I hope that if it’s between two stars, and it’s really really close (for example, if Glenn Close got 71 votes and Gaga got 68), I’d say that’s close enough for a tie. Or….a way we do it to break ties in the San Diego Film Critics Society, is that if it’s between two like that, we’ll have a second round of voting so people that may have picked Nicole Kidman….they could instead change their vote to Glenn or Gaga. Just a thought for next year.

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