Membership Requirements


Thank you for your interest in the Critics Choice Association.

Applicants for CCA membership must be working film critics or TV journalists whose coverage of a broad range of films in current theatrical or broadcast release is available on a regular basis to a wide audience.

Online critics must be the primary critic on their site.

 Windows of opportunity for new member consideration:

All applicants must:

  1. Furnish verifiable evidence from Google Metrics (or the like) of the audience numbers for their reviews.
  2. Demonstrate that they review movies or TV on a regular basis.
  3. Review a broad range of films.
  4. Include current, clearly defined and reliable directions to their reviews or TV coverage whether links, mp3s or specific web. 
  5. Be prepared to present clips of their work at CCA’s request. 
  6. Understand that professional behavior is mandated.  Acceptance is at the discretion of the BFCA board, as is expulsion.

If you satisfy ALL OF THESE REQUIREMENTS, including Google metrics of your audience size where necessary, please contact membership director Jacqueline Cutler ([email protected]) for your application.