Membership, BTJA

BTJA Application for Membership.

The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA, pronounced “Betcha”) represents Television, Radio and Internet critics and journalists who regularly cover television.


The Broadcast Television Journalists’ Association will be opening their windows for consideration of new member submissions from February 1-28, 2019 and July 1-31, 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BTJA, please contact membership director Sara Voorhees at [email protected].

Requirements for BFCA/BTJA membership:

Applicants must be either TV critics or journalists whose coverage of television (including reviews, recaps, opinions and essays) demonstrates a broad knowledge of current television programming.  This coverage must be broadcast on a regular basis to a wide audience, either on Television, Radio, or on the Internet.

Those who write for an online outlet must either be established print critics/journalists as well,  write for leading Internet news outlets, or be among the few internet critics/journalists whose coverage is read by a large enough audience to qualify, as measured by traffic, connectedness and influence.

In completing this application, please consider the difference between TV celebrity gossip and the required TV coverage (above).

(TV journalists on sites specializing in Fan Boy content need not apply).