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Victoria lives in Las Vegas with her husband John B. Alexander, Ph.D. A complete list of Victoria’s movie reviews can be found on ( Victoria also writes a weekly column, “The Devil’s Hammer” for Victoria’s film reviews are, by intention, controversial and provocative. Victoria’s weekly column features entertainment, science news, her exotic treks around the world (she prefers countries where there is a threat of a coup, civil unrest, or abandoned by frightened tourists) and celebrity gossip. In the summer of 2013 Victoria spent 3 weeks in Mongolia with shamans and 3 weeks in Togo and Benin studying voodoo. Victoria’s interests are movies and religion (and, of course, the sex lives of others). Victoria’s passion lies in all spiritual realms including, but not limited to, Candomble, Quimbanda, Spiritism, Hinduism, and Tibetan Buddhism. Since 2000, Victoria has studied with Peruvian and Ecuadoran curanderos and is an advocate of the visionary plant ayahuasca. In 1994 Victoria conducted a breakthrough research project, “The Alexander UFO Religious Crisis Survey,” a survey of 1000 theologians on the impact of UFO’s on religion, for The Bigelow Foundation, the precursor to Robert Bigelow’s influential National Institute for Discovery Science. Victoria is a member of The Las Vegas Film Critics Society. Her email address is

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