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Sasha Perl-Raver, host of “FX Movie Download,” has enjoyed an eclectic career that’s included beauty queen-dom (as a former Miss San Francisco) and brief celebrity chef status (on Food Network’s series, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills), but the one constant has been her devotion to film, entertainment and criticism. Since graduating from USC’s esteemed critical studies program-where she was always first to raise her hand in Professor Leonard Maltin’s class and Gary Ross became her mentor-Sasha has gone on to write for and appear on outlets including TV Guide Channel, LOGO, Style Network,, AOL and Fox News, a stint she counteracted with hefty donations to Obama’s campaign. Her interviews, reviews and reports were seen for three years on NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate, KNBC, and occasionally in New York City cabs. If you ever need to find her at a screening or a junket, she’s the one with her plate mounded with dessert or a mouthful of pilfered candy.

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