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Miri Jedeikin

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Miri’s love of storytelling and communicating ideas developed early. Following a childhood filled with movies, TV shows and theatre study, at the age of 17 Miri was published and syndicated in newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. After studying critical theory and cultural studies at McGill University and graduating with honors, Miri moved to Los Angeles where she worked in brand management and PR. She quickly found that her interests were better served in the realm of new media, and so became heavily involved in user-generated online news content. Starting out as an avid participant of online news communities, she quickly evolved into curator, editor, producer and viral web host. She continuously scours the Internet for compelling content, and is passionate about the democracy of new media and information sharing. Miri is an on-air host, segment producer, writer and reviewer for EP Daily/Electric Playground, a dynamic entertainment news source airing on ABC and various other network affiliates throughout the United States as well as G4 and City TV in Canada and Sci Fi TV in Australia. Miri also reviews blu-rays and theatrical releases for sister show Reviews on The Run.