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Kevin McCarthy has been a film critic in the Washington DC metro area since 2005 where is he also currently a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association. You can find his reviws on CBS RADIO and the Local DC FOX affiliate. He graduated from George Mason University in the spring of 2006 and majored in Communications with a concentration in media production and criticism. Kevin began his movie reviewing career on The Junkies morning show, heard on 106.7 WJFK-FM (CBS RADIO) along with hosting his own weekly movie show on Friday evenings. In the summer of 2007, Kevin was hired as the movie reviewer for the Fox 5 morning news. Kevin is known for his conversational writing style and unique rating system. He has loved movies since even before he was born and remembers seeing his first R-rated film when he was just eight years old. Arnold was always Kevin’s favorite actor so he asked his parents if he could see ‘Terminator 2’ if he received good remarks on his 2nd grade report card! That was a big step for him because from that moment on, Kevin knew he had to involve himself, somehow, in the world of movies. It was James Cameron’s vision that made Kevin instantly fall in love with film making. Kevin’s reviews focus more on how a viewer should watch the film, i.e. paying full price, matinee, renting or watching the film on cable. Though, he also likes to inform his viewers/listeners about the people behind the scenes. Film scores, cinematography and editing are three of the most important aspects of a film, according to Kevin. Kevin appears on The Junkies every Friday morning and will continue to make appearances on FOX 5 TV. His favorite film of all time is “True Romance” and he considers “The Godfather Part 2” to be the greatest film ever made.

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