Jeffrey Wells



Jeffrey Wells writes a daily stream-of-Hollywood-consciousness column for Hollywood Elsewhere (, which he’s been running on his own since August 2004 He began his online adventure with a twice-weekly online Hollywood column for Mr. Showbiz in October 1998. He wrote the same column for from ’99 to ’02, and then for Kevin Smith ( from ’02 to ’04. Wells wrote and reported regularly for Entertainment Weekly from ’91 to ’96, for People from ’96 to ’98 and wrote a weekly Hollywood column for the L.A. Times Syndicate from ’94 to ’99. He also wrote a weekly N.Y. Daily News column in ’93-’94. He freelanced in the ’90s for the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Newsday,Washington Post, Men’s Journal, etc. He was born and raised in New Jersey. High school years were split between N.J. and Connecticut. A few years of aimless wandering followed in Connecticut, Boston and Los Angeles. Got into journalism in 1977 with a movie/TV column for the Fairfield County Morning News, began freelancing in Manhattan in ’78. Managing editor for the Film Journal from April ’81 to June ’83; editor at the Hollywood Reporter from ’83 to ’84, three or four years of publicity, back to journalism in ’89.

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