Jay Forry




Jay Forry is known as “The Nation’s Premier Blind Movie Critic.” He makes his home just north of Tampa. After losing his sight in 1987, he began attending college at Pasco Hernando Community College. During his second year of classes someone asked him if he would like to contribute something to the school newspaper. He said “I’ll be the movie critic.” “Blindside” became the most popular column in the newspaper. Three years later, after he graduated from the University of South Florida, several small newspapers asked him if they could run his reviews. Before long, he was asked to contribute to a local Tampa radio station and soon WFLZ became his home station. Jay soon began reviewing movies around the United States on dozens of radio stations and was heard at one time or another in 6 foreign countries. During award time he is frequently a guest on WTVT Channel 13 in Tampa. Jay also hosts his own website where he posts his reviews. He also has a Fan page on Facebook. He registers his response with a rating system that shows he isn’t your average movie critic: A – Its so good blind people like it. B – I’m glad I could hear it. C – I had one eye open. D – I’m glad I couldn’t see it. F – Blindness is a blessing. Jay’s favorite film (he gave it an A rating) is Bruce Willis’ movie “The Sixth Sense”. Jay said he was a little jealous of the boy in the film, “The little boy has six senses and I only have four”. His least favorite film is the John Travolta bomb “Battlefield Earth” (he gave it an F rating). Jay said, “That film was so bad, if I could have found the door to the theater I would have left”. One of Jay’s favorite times of the week is when he reviews movies with fellow BFCA member Noel Manning on WGWG. Their audio reviews can also be found on Jay’s website. Besides Jay’s radio spots all around the country, he also hosts a half hour radio show every week in the United Kingdom with Simon Pauley. One of his favorite moments was when he was invited to Hollywood in 2011 to be featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

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