Felipa Solis


Felipa Solis, a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association since 2002, has had a love affair with the movies since she could walk. Her father, the late choreographer Antonio Triana took his daughter to soundstages all over Hollywood. She traipsed down Hollywood Boulevard with him and nothing was more enticing than a bag of popcorn and a movie at the Graumann’s Chinese Theater or the Pantages. Felipa has more than 25 years of broadcast experience, having working at KTSM TV Newschannel Nine, the NBC affiliate in El Paso, Texas. She is back as a Film Reviewer for KTSM TV,  KOFX Radio,  writes film articles for City Magazine and hosts film festivals in El Paso, Sitka, Alaska and Spokane, Washington.   Along with a love of films and dance, Felipa is a wanna-be chef, animal rights activist, and Mom to 23 year old Gabriel, who graduated Magna Cum Laude of Loyola University, and resides in Chicago.

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