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Fred Saxon established a Hollywood presence for CNN as the original entertainment reporter for the network in 1980. Since then he has held entertainment reporter and entertainment anchor positions at Nine Network Australia, KUSI-TV, KPBS TV and XETV-FOX 6 in San Diego. Fred is currently reviewing films on 92.5 FM in San Diego and on The Big Biz Show which is syndicated on radio around the country. Fred Saxon reviews about 150 films every year.

Fred began his television career with the ABC-TV affiliate in Atlanta, where he received the first of five EMMY nominations. After relocating to Los Angeles, Fred was personally selected by Ted Turner to be the original Hollywood-based entertainment reporter for CNN. He reviewed films and reported daily on the stars of Hollywood, attending numerous celebrity-related events every week. He also produced and hosted 90 weekly half-hour shows for Turner Broadcasting and CNN.

Internationally, Fred was a featured contributor to “The Tonight Show” and “The Bert Newton Show” on the Nine Network of Australia, providing celebrity segments and features by satellite from Hollywood.

Fred Saxon has also worked as an actor in feature films with Tim Conway, Charles Bronson, Don Knotts, Jerry Lewis, and Jon Voight. He appeared on television in episodes of “Dallas”, “Mike Hammer” and “Divorce Court”. Fred was selected as a temporary replacement for Regis Philbin when Regis left his local show on KABC-TV for New York. After relocating to San Diego, Saxon worked as an actor on “Dark Skies” for NBC-TV, and “Silk Stalkings” for the USA network.

Fred has appeared in national television commercials for TWA and Chevrolet. He has also appeared in and produced numerous other national and regional radio and television commercials including direct response commercials and infomercials.

From 1991-2000 Fred Saxon was seen daily on KUSI-TV in San Diego, first on the “KUSI News at Ten”, then on the “KUSI Morning News”, the top-rated local morning television program. As entertainment anchor he interviewed celebrities, reviewed movies, and reported on Hollywood and the local arts community.

From September 2000 to June 2001, through his production company, Inside Entertainment, Fred produced and hosted 21 half-hour arts and entertainment programs, “CloseUP with Fred Saxon”, on KPBS-TV. Fred was also the producer and host of “Fred Saxon’s Inside Entertainment” which aired first on KPBS-TV, then on UPN 13 in San Diego.

XETV-FOX 6 was Fred/s most recent TV home. From February 2002 until Fall 2005 he was seen on “Fox In The Morning” and the Fox 6 10PM News, reviewing movies and interviewing celebrities. His morning segments were often the highest rated part of the program.

Fred continues to provide film reviews for Jagger and Kristi on 92.5 FM, the syndicated Big Biz Show, and his own website, He lives in San Diego with his wife Lori.

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