Edward Symkus




Ed Symkus has been reviewing films and writing about the arts since 1975. He currently reviews and writes about film and music and, recently, poetry! for GateHouse Media in dailies, weeklies, and Websites across the country, and is a contributor to the Boston Phoenix. He is lead film reviewer in print for Freetime Magazine and the Pacific Northwest Inlander, and on radio with WCAP-AM in Lowell, MA.

A Boston-based Emerson College graduate, he co-created and co-hosted “Wrestle Radio, USA” on WMSX-AM in Brockton, MA, for just shy of five years, co-wrote the book “Wrestle Radio, USA: Grapplers Speak,” and has visited the Outer Hebrides, the Lofoten Islands, Anglesey, Kangaroo Island, and the Isle of Capri with his wife Lisa.

His favorite movie is “And Now My Love” by Claude Lelouch. He does not like the movie “Liquid Sky.” He can be seen in the Michael Wadleigh film “Woodstock,” but only if you really squint.

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