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When I was a child, my dad bought himself a video camera. He used it to capture the moments of my sisters and I growing up. It wasn’t too long before I ended up hijacking his camera and used it to make bad movies. The cast of my films consisted of plastic G.I. Joes, Ninja Turtle Figurines or my little sister dressed in over-sized coats. Before I was 10, I was hooked on a bad habit… Movies.

Throughout my youth, gathered friends to make make bad movies, tv shows and many video class projects. First it was for fun, then somehow it moved toward film festivals. I had no formal training in video production, except for a weekend course at my local public access. Into my high school years, I cranked out angst filled TV programs, with an intent to “change the world!”

After each new movie or TV program my group of friends produced, our learning curve increased. Eventually we started winning festivals and Troma Pictures distributed a couple of our shorts nationally. This fueled the fire even more.

Only a few months after my high school graduation, I was attempting to figure out, “what the hell am I going to do with my life?” As a child, my dream was to be a movie director. Since getting that gig is like winning the lottery, I knew I wanted something to do with making movies.

With my HS diploma freshly in hand, I started a small marketing business with a friend. We focused on making commercials for TV and designing and maintaining websites during the Dot-Com Boom. My first big client was a local radio station. They immediately folded my company and me directly, thus starting my radio career.

My first on-air shift was from Midnight to 6 am on a rhythmic top 40 station in Albuquerque, NM. Like all radio DJ’s, I’ve bounced from format to format including; Hip-Hop, Alternative and Talk.

After several station flips, I maintained my job by maintaining the company website. When the station added a Talk format, I convinced the station owner to let me do a weekend show called “The Directors Cut” a 2 hour show about movies.

We picked up a descent fan following in Abq and grew a hefty podcast listenership. About a year later, the station flipped to country and we desperately started sending demos to networks across the country. Within the same week of getting kicked off the air, we were immediately picked up by a station out of Phoenix. Then soon were eventually picked up on other stations, FM’s, HD and Internet stations. Eventually we grew to over 30 stations across the country, carrying the 2 hour program and/or our short interstitial programming.

This has spiraled into stations utilizing me as a “movie expert” for bits and interviews. Beyond my work in radio, I am a Producer at the cable/satellite network ReelzChannel and film contributor for The Local-iQ, an Albuquerque based alternative newspaper.

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