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David Freedman

Primary Outlet:
Formerly Just Seen It (PBS National)
David Freedman is the executive producer of JUST SEEN IT, a young, modern, multi-cultural review show that covers the newest in theaters, on TV and cable as well as provides industry interviews. JUST SEEN IT can be seen nationwide on PBS every weekend. JUST SEEN IT strives to continue in the tradition of Siskel and Ebert by providing reviews that are insightful, informative and entertaining. David not only produces JUST SEEN IT every week but has reviewed hundreds of movies and TV shows for JUST SEEN IT. David received his Masters in Film and TV production from the University of Southern CA and his undergraduate degree in computer science and film production from Brandeis University and was one of the founding members of Moviefone (777-FILM) and helped build it into the name brand it is today. He enjoys falafel with a lot of sauce.