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Chuck Thomas

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The Alan Kabel Show
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KISS Seattle
You are probably saying to yourself... why do I need to see a bio for Chuck the Movieguy? I mean... He's Chuck the Movieguy from You learned about him in school. It was required reading. He is on MANY radio stations like Kiss in Seattle, Q92.9 in Pittsburgh, the Alan Kabel show, Banana and Stephanie.. not to mention his TV show Movie Reviews and Previews has run in Atlanta, Houston, Portland OR, Pittsburgh and Richmond VA. He excels in keeping calm in life threatening situations, hand to hand combat and interviewing celebrities about their latest projects. Now if you click on, it will take you to his fabulous website and you will see over 700 of his interviews, reviews and that amazing new feature called The Movie Forecast. (Its so funny and informative) Now stop playing around looking at these other critics and head on over to It will change your life. Seriously. I wouldn't lie about this stuff. He's a good boy. He works so hard and if you ask me, I think he is much better looking that that Mark S. Allen, but that is just my opinion. Why are you still reading this? Go to and watch some interviews.. (don't forget to click on those ads...) Sincerely, Chuck's Mom