2018 Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards

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The third annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards, honoring the finest achievements in documentary features and non-fiction television, will be presented on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at BRIC in Brooklyn, New York, hosted by Emmy Award-winning television host Bill Nye.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) have named Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore as the recipient of the Critics’ Choice Lifetime Achievement Award. Moore’s latest, Fahrenheit 11/9, is one of the year’s top grossing documentaries of the year.

Broadcast Film Critics Association president Joey Berlin notes, “2018 has been hailed as ‘The Year of the Documentary’ and we are extremely proud to highlight the outstanding achievements in the Feature Documentary and TV/Streaming fields and give these creative filmmakers the proper recognition they deserve.”

For the first year, The Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards has introduced the Catalyst Sponsorship, a program for industry leaders to demonstrate their support. The inaugural sponsors include Focus Features, National Geographic Documentary Films, Netflix, Curiosity Stream, and others.

At last year’s second annual event, Jane took home the evening’s most prestigious award for Best Documentary before going on to win 18 national critics group awards, The National Board of Review award, and multiple guild awards. The Award for Best Sports Documentary went to Icarus. The film received many more accolades and awards following the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. And there was a tie for Best Director between Evgeny Afineevsky for Cries from Syria and Frederick Wiseman for Ex Libris: The New York Public Library.

The awards are determined by qualified members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA), and feature multiple categories across both television and film including:

Best Documentary

Best Director

Best First Documentary

Best Limited Documentary Series

Best Ongoing Documentary Series

Best Sports Documentary

Best Political Documentary

Best Music Documentary

Best Song in a Documentary

Most Innovative Documentary

Best Compelling Living Subject in a Documentary

Best Cinematography

Best Editing
The nominees, selected by a committee of BFCA and BTJA members with a background and expertise in the documentary field, will be revealed on Monday, October 15, 2018, with the winners announced at the awards gala on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at BRIC in Brooklyn, New York.


The third annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards will honor the finest achievement in documentary features and non-fiction television. The awards are determined by two committees, made up  of BFCA and BTJA members with a background and expertise in the documentary field, chaired by Jennifer Merin and Christopher Campbell. The third annual awards ceremony will be produced by Bob Bain Productions and Berlin Entertainment. For more information, visit: www.CriticsChoice.com.

The following dates apply for the third annual Critics’ Choice Documentary.  The eligibility period runs from January 1, 2018 and includes any films or television programs scheduled to premiere on or before December 31, 2018.  Winners will be chosen from among the nominees by a vote of qualified members of the BFCA and BTJA.

October 12, 2018: NomCom deliberations conclude
October 15, 2018: CCDA nominations announced
November 7, 2018: Final ballots go out to BFCA/BTJA members
November 9, 2018: Final balloting concludes


Michael Moore was born in Flint, Michigan. He became an Eagle Scout, attended the seminary for the Catholic priesthood, and at age 18 became the youngest elected official in the country. At 22, he founded the Flint Voice,a nationally-recognized alternative newspaper. In 1989, Michael made his first film, the ground-breaking Roger and Me, which gave birth to the modern-day documentary movement. Moore went on to break the documentary boxoffice record two more times with his 2002 Oscar-winning film, Bowling for Columbine and the Palme d’Or-winning Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore’s 2018 American political documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, had its world premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival. Other notable films include the Oscar-nominated Sicko, Capitalism: A Love Story, and Where To Invade Next.  Michael won the Emmy Award for his prime-time NBC series TV Nation and is one of America’s top-selling nonfiction authors, with such books as Stupid White Men and Dude, Where’s My Country?  and Here Comes Trouble. Michael lives in Traverse City, Michigan, where he founded the Traverse City Film Festival and two art house movie palaces, the State Theatre and the Bijou by the Bay. He has been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.


Bill Nye is a science educator, mechanical engineer, New York Times bestselling author, and host of the Emmy-nominated Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix. In his role as the creator and host of the 18-time Emmy-award winning Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nye helped introduce the millennial generation to science and engineering in an entertaining and accessible manner, fostering an understanding and appreciation for the science that makes our world work. Today, Nye is a respected champion of scientific literacy, who has challenged opponents of evidence based education and policy on climate change, evolution, and critical thinking.  He currently serves as CEO of The Planetary Society, the world’s largest and most influential non-governmental space organization, co-founded by Carl Sagan. He has authored three New York Times bestselling books – Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation (2015), Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World (2016), and Everything All At Once: How to Unleash Your Inner Nerd, Tap into Radical Curiosity and Solve Any Problem (2017) and also co-authored the middle-grade reader series Jack and the Geniuses. Nye is the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy which premiered at SXSW 2017 and aired on PBS Spring 2018.


The Critics’ Choice Awards are bestowed annually by the BFCA and BTJA to honor the finest in cinematic and television achievement. The BFCA is the largest film critics’ organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 300 television, radio and online critics. BFCA members are the primary source of information for today’s film-going public. BTJA is the collective voice of journalists who regularly cover television for TV viewers, radio listeners and online audiences. Historically, the Critics’ Choice Awards are the most accurate predictor of the Academy Award nominations.

The CW will partner with the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) as the exclusive home to The 24th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Accolades for the finest achievements in both movies and television will be presented as part of a three-hour ceremony on The CW on Sunday, January 13, 2019. For more information, visit: www.CriticsChoice.com


The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 300 television, radio and online critics. The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) is a partner organization to the BFCA and includes TV, radio and Internet journalists who cover television on a regular basis. For more information, visit: www.CriticsChoice.com


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