September 2, 2019 in President's Message

As the lines between movies and television blur and fade into history, and story-telling content delivery systems evolve, the work of entertainment reporters and critics is changing as well.  Recognizing these changes, the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association are merging into a single organization. The natural choice for the name of this new organization is the Critics Choice Association, as our brand has always been Critics Choice.

Critics Choice Association membership will be broad-based, open to any critics or reporters whose vocation is covering theatrical film releases or broadcast, cable or streaming entertainment.  However, Critics Choice Association members will not automatically be eligible to vote for all of the awards we present at our Critics’ Choice Awards (Winter), Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards (Spring) and Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards (Fall) events. Voting criteria will be determined separately for all Critics’ Choice events by the creation of Voting Branches, with the understanding that voting eligibility requirements will be different even for categories within a single event, as is currently the case for the Critics’ Choice Awards.  In all cases, the goal is to ensure that the integrity of ALL Critics’ Choice Awards remains unquestioned. Our awards will be voted on by professional critics and journalists whose expertise is demonstrated by the maintenance of a large audience of regular viewers, listeners and readers.

All current BFCA or BTJA members are now automatically members of the Critics Choice Association.  Nothing is required to maintain that status beyond continuing to work as a critic or entertainment reporter and continuing to pay annual dues.  Beginning in 2020, annual dues will be $150, marking the first dues increase in well over a decade.

We have asked all members to tell us which of the awards they feel qualified to vote for.  Our Membership Committee will confirm that you are to be included in the appropriate Voting Branch or Branches.  It is possible to be qualified to vote in more than one Branch, depending on the amount of coverage you are regularly providing in each area.

This evolution of BFCA and BTJA into CCA is timely and logical, and has been greeted by full support from the studios and networks in our annual meetings.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we complete the change.

Onward and upward!


  1. Hi. You’re making the right move by broadening the areas of criticism. Good move. Please include me in the film awards. I cover other areas but concentrate on film. Good wishes for a stronger organization.

    Arch Campbell

  2. This is an excellent move! So many were confused by BFCA/BTJA, and we’d usually follow with an explanation of “You know — the guys who do the Critics Choice Awards.” Now that’s immediately evident, and the branding is much more efficient.

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