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    • I agree Fiore. In a year in which First Reformed was not nominated for Best Film and others such as The Rider, Wildlife, Blindspotting, Leave No Trace and Lean on Pete were, for the most part, ignored by the BFCA, something is amiss. Do we need a best Indie category perhaps?

      • I agree with Charles. First Reformed made my best of list, as did The Rider, and Blindspotting (Leave No Trace…okay, but overrated; Lean on Pete was great; Wildlife…nothing special). But yeah…Sorry to Bother You was great, too (although it did get a nod)

    • I’d hate to call the field “sad” because that would cast a shadow on the many worthy selections, but I agree wholeheartedly the nominations could have been much, much more interesting and reflective of quality films that we critics saw but perhaps the general public didn’t. Among those I’m disappointed to not see among the nominees – LEAN ON PETE, MONSTERS AND MEN, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, PUZZLE. How THE DEATH OF STALIN doesn’t warrant an adapted screenplay nod is beyond me. Just for starters. I sincerely hope in future we can have a longer and more interactive nomination process, perhaps with committees such as those diligently run on the TV side. We could distinguish ourselves as a true voice of film journalists by more thoroughly considering the options.

      • I agree with Charles. First Reformed made my best of list, as did The Rider, and Blindspotting (Leave No Trace…okay, but overrated; Lean on Pete was great; Wildlife…nothing special). But yeah…Sorry to Bother You was great, too (although it did get a nod)

  2. Couldn’t disagree more Fiore. Proud of our choices in almost all of these categories (though I’d love to see more female directors nominated). I love that we honor actual genre material like Mission: Impossible and Game Night, and hope we continue that trend with the winners!!

    Couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this amazing group and see you all Sunday!!

    • I’m with you, Aaron. I think it was a strong year with many great nominees. Did all my first choices make the cut? Of course not. But that doesn’t detract from the worthiness of those who did. Here’s to more females in the future, but in the meantime, well done us!

  3. Have a terrific telecast!!!
    Warm regards,

  4. This may be the year when the BFCA & the HFPA diverge the most in the top categories. If so, our claim to be better predictors of the Oscars will probably be enhanced.

    Break a leg! See you all there.

  5. Looking forward to another great show!

  6. See you all there!

  7. Voting completed! So many great choices this year! See you all this Sunday!

  8. Pretty sure this isn’t a sad year for films. Grateful here for Roma, Can You Ever Forgive Me, Beale St., Stan & Ollie, Vice, 8th Grade, Capernaum, and First Man in some categories. But I’m missing The Rider, a little more Stan & Ollie and Cold War, Shoplifters, and a few others that hit me as quality goods. Still, a good array to choose the best from.

    Foreign category this year is amazing. Probably should expand that category to permit up to the same number of nominations as best picture. And only allow nomination in one or the other, to get around the problem of duplication vs disappearance altogether–Roma this year.

    It’s tempting to have an indie category, but that could affect the overall segregation of awards in a way that best foreign and animated don’t. On the other hand, the best action category exists, so might as well do best indie.

    Good work BFCA brass in 2018, and have a good party all, out there in the warm breeze, while I try to remember why I love four seasons.

  9. I actually think it’s a good mix. Perhaps some additional awards that are not part of the show could be included. But I like the mix this year.

  10. Let’s face it, we will never agree on what’s best and what should have been included.
    This list is reflective of the past year and disappointments aside, it’s been a good year.
    Have a great show.

  11. It’s hardly a sad year, if we have among the nominees masterpieces like Roma, musical dramas like A Star Is Born, and comedies like The Favourite!

  12. I wish more Sundance films and performances were included. Excited to see my fellow BFCA members this weekend. More indie fare in the future I hope!

  13. Would love to see a Best Indie category. It’s hard enough to choose in most categories, but an indie section would allow for more great films to be highlighted and championed.

  14. Have a wonderful show, I’ll be watching from Miami!

  15. The show will be great, all the winners will be shocked and we’ll have a real good time. See you all on Saturday and Sunday! Gayl

  16. Totally agree to add a new item as “Best Indie film” and more nominations in “best foreign film” category as it does in “the best picture”.

    Let us introduce to each others on “Night Before” party first and then say “Hello” again on Sunday ceremony.

    We all work extremely hard past three months and let us celebrate together.

  17. I thought there was a good mix of
    selections. Looking forward to a
    super good show, Jim Ferguson.

  18. Great selection of nominees and yes there were smaller films that I would have loved to see get nominated. I love the idea of an “Independent Film Award.”

  19. Have a great night, friends and former colleagues-I’ll be watching you from home.

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