Documentary Awards Voting is now closed

November 7, 2018 in BFCA, BTJA, News

Voting for the 3rd Annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards closed at 6PM PT on Friday, November 9. Thank you to all of those Members who voted!

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  1. Some say Michael Moore is biased. Yes, that’s probably true. However, Moore’s sense of humor and ability to put an issue or issues in the spotlight, gives us a place where we can all meet and openly discuss them.

  2. It would be nice if this were placed somewhere on the site that’s easier to find. I’ve been to the site every single day this week looking for anything about voting and finally found this by clicking on “News.”

  3. I’ve tried numerous times to vote and the site keeps kicking me out

  4. I have the same issue while to “cast your vote”, I was kicked out and need to login again.

    This is a loop that I can not get out which means that I can not vote.



  5. Lisa,

    Everything is fine now. I just finished my vote.

    To answer your questions, I am using Firefox on my Mac to vote.

    Anyway it is working now.

    Thanks for getting back so quick.



  6. Lisa -Thanks for your assistance – we’re in perfect shape now

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