Post-CCA President’s Message

January 17, 2018 in News, President's Message

Well, we did it again.

The 23rd annual Critics’ Choice Awards was certainly one of the finest yet mounted, in my humble opinion.  Of course, I’m a bit prejudiced.  What did you think?

Please post your reviews of our show in the comments section below.  How did you like Olivia Munn as host?  Did we do ourselves proud with our choices?  How cute IS Brooklynn Prince?

About half the membership attended the CCA this year.  Hopefully the other half watched at home.  How did it play in the room?  On TV?  Streaming?


3 responses to Post-CCA President’s Message

  1. Another great event. And that weather? Magnificent!

    Quick question. I am trying to track down a contact at Access/* for some of their arrivals video. Can anyone help?

    Chris M

  2. Women Rocked the 23rd Critics Choice Awards
    What a joy to attend the Critics Choice Awards on the heels of the female-driven Golden Globes Awards earlier in the week, as women across the globe were inspired by Oprah’s Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech. The mood Thursday evening, January 11, was exciting to say the least. Everywhere you looked, women−whether celebrities or critics—were beaming. Yes, the room was euphoric in celebration, as finally our voices are being heard.

    My article on

  3. The atmosphere was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt at the show. Everyone was in a REALLY good mood. And the first hour was great – going from one award to another to another. The whole night moved nicely.

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