January 18, 2013 in President's Message

Producing a live television event and an awards gala with a thousand attendees is a very complicated task.  Working with an extremely limited budget this year, I am very proud of the job we did and the success of the 18th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in its press coverage and its ratings.


That said, I also wish to apologize to the membership for the failures on the night of the show.  I don’t believe they outweigh the successes – including our wise awards voting, the terrific celebrity turnout and the entertainment value of the show overall – but I don’t believe they should be overlooked either.


The weather was out of our control.  While last year it was in the 70s on show day, this year it was in the 30s.  In fact, it was the coldest day of the year inSanta Monica.  We brought in as many heaters as our budget would allow, but even with our TV lights warming the room as well it was obviously too damn cold in the Barker Hangar.  On the bright side, I guess it kept the dinner salads chilled.


The thing I am most sorry about is the way we insulted the nominees and winners in the award categories we presented during the commercial breaks.  Last year we presented a couple of awards in commercial breaks and the audience stayed seated for them.  But this year for some reason people thought it was mingle time and the show producers failed to quiet them and get them reseated.  The result was an ugly spectacle – instead of honoring the producers of “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Lincoln” screenwriter Tony Kushner we insulted them.  I have formally apologized through the studio, but nonetheless it was inexcusable.


We were lucky to have our own BFCA member Sam Rubin host the show – and do it so well and on such late notice.  Many members have long called for more BFCA presence on the telecast and it was nice to have that this year.  The decision to have Sam host was made so late in the process that we never formally announced him as host, which was unfair to Sam and the whole BFCA.  Sam was truly remarkable, doing his day job (starting at dawn when the Oscar nominations were announced), then hosting our televised two-hour Red Carpet Preshow, and then hosting the main show.


As we continue to move onward and upward, we’ll keep learning from our mistakes and building on our successes.   The 18th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards was a huge success for the CW and for the BFCA.  We should all be very proud of it.  I know I am, despite its flaws.

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